Why use mobile billboards?

With so many marketing options, you might wonder why outdoor advertising using Mobile Billboards matters. However, when the scope of billboard advertising is understood, there really is no question at all. Mobile billboards are versatile – some of the successful campaigns have included local events, major sporting and cultural events and commercial advertising campaigns.

If you’ve ever thought about advertising your event or campaign locally, and have not thought about using mobile billboards, then consider the following;

  • Mobile

    Whether it be on the highway, in the city, at sporting events, shopping centres, even the beach, we can take your company’s brand and message directly to your target audience.

  • Impact

    The stunning graphic options that can be printed onto a billboard can create incredible sensory impact.

  • Immediacy

    Either mobile or static, the fact the billboard is temporary adds to the concept of urgency. Relocating regularly keeps the message fresh to a new audience.

  • Exposure

    Unlike TV, Radio or Magazines a billboard cannot be turned off or put away.

  • Personalisation

    All billboard skins from Rolling Ads are high quality digital prints, allowing for high impact text, images and colours. You, the client literally have a blank canvas with endless possibilities. Designs are only limited by the size of the skin and the creativity of the marketing team.

  • Return on investment

    When the cost of mobile billboard advertising is compared with other media, such as print, radio, television and traditional signage, trailer ads are clearly the most cost effective media. At the same time, mobile billboard advertising is brilliant when used complimentary with other advertising media.

  • Affordability

    As one of the most affordable yet effective mediums available, mobile billboard advertising is suitable where immediate results are required on a limited budget.

  • Reusability

    All billboard canvases can be saved and reused for future marketing campaigns. This can be a highly effective cost saving measure, thereby doubling the worth of the investment. Moreover, all advertising canvases can be stored at our premises for maximum convenience.

Using mobile billboard marketing you can get great results for:

  • Special Community Events
  • Small business awareness
  • Community initiatives
  • New products
  • Trade Shows
  • Public Announcements
  • Educational Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Retail Sales Promotions
  • Retails stores grand opening or closing
  • Election Advertising
  • And many other applications